ILCEOS provides to its clients, its expertise and its know-how in scientific and technical analysis, fiscal and financial audit, organization and management of innovation, in order to promote and sustainably support in mid-long term view the development of their R&D projects.

Ilceos Know How


Our team interacts regularly with our client’s main key contacts (Innovation / R&D Manager, Tax Manager, Financial Manager, Financial Control, IP Manager, etc.).

We provide our clients with consistent management of the innovation and funding policy decided by leading teams within the various Business Units and companies.

Our firm is constantly on the lookout for best market practices and the excellence of our work is rewarded by certifications renewed year after year (CIR-CII, OPQCM, PMP, VOLTAIRE…).

The missions are managed at two levels of governance: A steering committee for the key stages and regular project monitoring progress reporting.


The capitalization of best practices, processes and associated tools are the pledge of sustainable added value within your organization and we give the greatest importance to them.
We take it step by step to ensure:

  • Identifying the experience to capitalize on.
  • The establishment of the systems and tools necessary for capitalization.
  • Capturing the experience for reuse and archiving it.
  • Valuation by transformation into usable information.
  • The use of the capital thus collected by transmission to a network of relevant interlocutors.

The vast majority of the assignments given take place over several years and allow ILCEOS teams to be both the memory and the vector of this capitalization process with our customers. This allows them to strengthen their operational efficiency in a sustainable, transferable and reproducible manner.


ILCEOS contributes to the innovation of its customers, large companies and mid-sized companies, by offering additional services on the following issues:

  • French Research Tax Credit;
  • International Research Tax Credit (“R&D tax incentives”);
  • Other public aid and subsidies for R&D (France – Europe – World);
  • R&D Due Diligence Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Art 238: reduced taxation of royalties on patents and patentable inventions;
  • Management tools for R&D actions and projects.